The Burg Schnabel club on the Lohmühleninsel has existed since 2016 and was relaunched in 2021 with the new name: ÆDEN. Open-air events are very important for the operators of the music venue and were the only possibility to reopen during the Corona regulations. The organization of dance events during the day reflects the identity of the club and thus plays an important role in the economic viability of the project. 

Because of the open air events at Burg Schnabel, the residents on Heckmannufer felt disturbed and complained to the environmental authority or called the police. Despite several neighbourhood meetings and constant exchanges with the environmental authority, it was not possible to achieve an acceptable volume for dancing with the limited sound system and reflection surfaces at the time. For these reasons, the operators applied to the Schallschutzfonds and were able to implement the following measures:

  • Construction of a noise barrier between the open air floor and the rest of the outdoor area, which breaks up the cone-shaped spreading sound, especially diagonally upwards towards the complainants. A 15x6m long wall was professionally built for this purpose. This wall was insulated twice and covered on both sides with a sound insulation mat. 
  • Construction of two sound barriers between the open air floor and the rest of the outdoor area.
  • Purchase and installation of a new near-field PA system (2 x 4-point), KV2 ESD 10.
  • Purchase and installation of 4 x KV2 ESD basses, in Endfire arrangement.

Overall, the volume on the dance floor could be increased by almost 16 dB during the day. As a result, an open air floor could be established, where DJs as well as bands of different genres can perform. Furthermore, despite the higher sound output, the residents‘ complaints were completely eliminated.