Due to the large number of clubs on the Lohmühleninsel / Am Flutgraben and the associated sound immissions, a conflict developed in the past with residents on Heckmannufer and Schleußenufer. Birgit & Bier (now called Birgit Club) was also affected by noise complaints from residents and could not organize concerts with loud music in the outdoor area of the club.

The measures implemented within the framework of the „Schallschutzfonds“ funding program serve to reduce immissions for the open air floor of the music venue. An Active Noise Cancelling Horn system and a system with linear basses were installed, which enable a directed sound and only selective noise emissions.
The goal of louder music on the open-air floor of the club and fewer neighbor complaints was therefore achieved.

Construction and installation of the system was carried out by Kirsch Audio Gmbh