Since its opening in 2001, Club der Visionaere has become a landmark in the city as a cultural institution. CDV is located on the waterfront in Flutgraben, a side channel of the Landwehrkanal, and has a large terrace directly on the water. Since 2007/2008, there have been repeated noise complaints from residents of Heckmannufer and the Wagenburg at the end of Görlitzer Park. The ambience noise has also risen sharply in these years, which has not led to an improvement of the situation. In addition, new clubs opened in the immediate vicinity, which led to residents feeling disturbed even more. 
In 2016/2017, the Clubcommission initiated a format to seek direct dialogue with the residents but it didn’t achieve any improvements. It was then decided to install a noise telephone with noise monitors. Unfortunately, this did not lead to any improvement of the situation. Even when there was no music playing on the dance floor, the neighbors complained.

After Frank Görner from Kirsch Audio Gmbh had built a sound system at Ipse and Birgit and Bier, which largely cancelled out the basses, the Club der Visionäre also made an effort to finance such a sound system with the help of „Schallschutzfonds“.

In 2021, this sound system was installed: A bass row was embedded in the floor of the terrace on the land side and another bass row was built on the water side, which is supposed to cancel out the bass of the land side row.
A horn speaker on one of the roofs ensures that the direction of the waves is restricted and less immissions reach the direction of the residential buildings. The aim of the measure is to allow a reasonable volume level at Club der Visionäre without disturbing the residents. This worked very well in 2021. The residents did not even notice that the club was open in June.