Club ELSE is an open air music venue at Elsenbrücke in the district of Treptow-Köpenick (an den Treptowers 10, 12435 Berlin). Due to the free spreading of sound during club operation and the resulting complaints and notifications from neighboring parties, the club had to invest in noise protection.

At the beginning of 2021, a directional bass system from the company Audiophil was installed in the location. The manufacturer of the system is the Austrian company Lambda Labs. A total of 12 high power subbasses with digital horn technology were installed in a row. The dance floor is thus supplied with directional sound, the bass is concentrated and a scattering effect is reduced to a minimum. In addition, active bass cancellation takes place towards the focal point, the residents of the Halbinsel Stralau.
With this system it is possible to feel the same intensity of bass everywhere on the dance floor and to eliminate „bass holes“. On the one hand, this measure allows to create a higher volume on the dance floor and, on the other hand, to better protect the neighborhood from disturbing noises. There are now no complaints from the Stralau peninsula anymore.