Since 2002 the Golden Gate has been located underneath a bridge construction of the S-Bahn along the Dircksenstraße. Back then in the middle of empty lots. Now, since 2007, the buildings have been closing in around the Club – including living and hotel buildings. Originally there were no conflicts with the neighbors. But the construction of a new hotel is planned on the opposite side of the road. Therefore, a potential conflict is coming into existence due to the sound immisions of the Golden Gate.

In autumn 2020 the construction of different noise control installations was starting. An insulation of the ventilation on the northern side was added. For the other openings a drywall filled with insulation material was suggested. This approach was then discarded because it would affect the style-giving atmosphere created in the club when the morning sun shines onto the dancefloor. Instead, the existing windows on the ground floor and the upper floor were soundproofed and the window frames filled with isolation materials. The emergency exit door on the side of the building was replaced by a soundproofing door. These measures were finished in spring 2021. In the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 some improvement work was carried out. Like for example the sealing, additional insulation and the adding of a protective film on the ground floor windows.

The sound immisions were greatly reduced thanks to the measures and will reduce potential conflict with future residential or hotel buildings which are gradually moving closer to the club.