The Gretchen is located in the Dragonerareal in Berlin-Kreuzberg since Summer 2011. The site was originally an industrial area but is currently being developed as part of a participatory process. In the southern part of the area around 500 apartments are being constructed, while in the northern area the existing commerce projects are planned to stay with the addition of new handicrafts businesses. The Gretchen is going to stay at the location but has to be soundproofed due to the construction of the new apartments.

Thanks to the funding the first soundproofing improvements were implemented. Those were the exchange of all doors and gates with soundproof doors and the sealing of said doors. These measures were part of the first step to the soundproofing according to the sound insulation report. The second part is supposed to start soon, for which the monument protection authority already permitted the construction of two soundproofing gates.