At the time of the application for the fund in the immediate vicinity of the venue (less than 50m away) Klunkerkranich had a resident who was daily disturbed by sound emissions from the event space „Hinter Den Alpen“ and its sound system. Furthermore, there were two other residents who regularly complained about the emissions. The conflict became more and more tense and led to the fact that the complainant:in called the management of the Klunkerkranich daily and the club operation was forced to turn down the volume. This was so extreme that at some point operation as a dance venue was no longer possible because the volume inside was simply too low to implement this use. 

sound barrier inside

Analysis and testing by wax GmbH revealed that the door of the room was the biggest problem, because when it was opened, the sound emissions penetrated unhindered in exactly the same direction as the complainant. As a result, various measures were considered and after examination and initial calculations, the construction of a sound barrier was found to be the most effective means of resolving the conflict with the resident.

Eingang Schallschutzschleuße

The construction could was started at the beginning of 2022 and completed and put into use by May 2022. As a result, club operations in the „Hinter Den Alpen“ room are free of complaints with regard to club use. The sound barrier now makes it possible to close the front entrance to the room during events with a high noise level, so that the guests use a rear door around the outside as an entrance and then open the actual door to the club room. Here, together with wax GmbH, a multi-material system was devised which, through intensive material changes, creates a level of sound protection that would otherwise not have been possible. Access via the sound barrier is possible with a barrier-free ramp.

Schallschutzschleuße vorne