The Musikbrauerei is located in the historic Schneider brewery. With the construction of the Schweizer Garten (a living complex filled with town houses and apartment buildings) and the division of the brewery building, a conflict was created. One half of the building was changed to privately owned apartments by an investor. Because the two parts of the building are physically connected the conflict was intensified – additionally to that the bedrooms were built right next to the adjacent wall which made the conflict situation unavoidable. A grave problem of the Musikbrauerei is the structure-born sound, which, due to the connection of the two parts of the building, is spread across the whole building. With the help of a hammer test, the transmission level of the structure-born sound to the bedrooms was located.

To avoid a permanent and extreme regulation of the sound-system, different measures were taken. The most important and first measure was to reduce the interior sound and to improve building acoustics in order to minimize airborne sound that leaves the venue to a minimum. For that sound absorbers were installed and bass hooks were built into the resonance dead floor. Also, soundproof doors replaced the old doors. Additionally, a limestone wall with a noise trap was built to achieve the reduction of the sound. The installation of a broad absorber wall from own funds led to a significant reduction of the interior sound level. A soundproof window on the upper floor was added because the wall at this exact place of the venue worked as a transmitter of soundwaves to create low-frequency sounds in the hallway. With these measures the airborne sound was reduced significantly. With own funds a wide range of improvements were carried out in the Schwankhalle in order to separate the connections between the two parts of the building as best as possible or to partially interrupt them in order to minimize the energy of the transmitted structure-borne sounds. For this purpose the closing of all wall cracks and holes as well as a cut between the walls and the floor, three complete foundation wall cuts with static reinforcement and the removal of beams and boards connecting wall and roof were the taken measures. The renewal of the roof with wall connections with rubber foil (hertalan) which replaced the rigid bitumen sheeting in addition to the raising of the ceiling grid support onto swinging materials were carried out. The 10 wax-shape plates are flexibly used to reduce the sound immissions according to noise requirements.

The result of the broad combination of measures is a huge improvement of sound immissions which led to an end of the complaints by the neighbors and now makes a trouble-free event possible again.

Sound trap on the ground floor with one funded and one self filled sand door.