PANDA platforma is part of the growing club and cultural space of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. Due to gentrification processes in this neighborhood and especially the conversion of rented flats into high-priced condominiums, venues are increasingly confronted with complaints from residents, which inevitably lead to the displacement of the cultural landscape. In early 2018, the club was issued a warning by the landlord due to noise complaints from events. Since then, the club has been under surveillance and had to limit its program.

At the beginning of July 2020, modern soundproof windows and soundproof doors made of glass were installed in the PANDA platforma. Furthermore, the existing doors and windows were deadened and upgraded. These measures were the result of a lengthy search and selection process, which proved to be extremely complicated due to the strict heritage protection requirements of the Kulturbrauerei.
This measure was complemented by the installation of special soundproof curtains. On the one hand, this reduces the noise emission of the high pitches. On the other hand, it keeps the noise pollution when opening the entrance door within limits. In addition, the seals between the door and window frames were newly installed.

An independently conducted measurement showed that the noise emission at 1kHz could be reduced by approx. 45 dB. Therefore the venue can now organize the events in full scale once more.