The Panke is a multifunctional space for creation. It’s a meeting point for creators of culture with different disciplines. As a hub for the growing art and culture scene in Wedding the Panke supports the existence of art in many ways. The Panke has been host to numerous art exhibitions and events which all had the goal to offer a broad spectrum of artwork to the public: installations, sound and video art, traditional art forms and even street art, interactive media art and performances have been housed in the Panke.
Every week sound and music events take place here. The place for such a space was chosen very carefully and is now located in Wedding in a factory building inside an industrial area. It is a space where people can freely experiment with sound, noise and music.

In the past few years more and more residential housing was built around the Panke. To avoid a conflict due to sound immissions the Panke started to plan a soundproofing project. The measures to reduce sound outside the building, especially in the direction of the new residential houses on the other side of the river, are being made possible with the help of the Schallschutzfonds.

These measures were taken:
– sealing of holes, doors and windows
– installation of soundproof doors
– vibration isolated suspension of the speakers
– measures inside for sound absorption

Thanks to the funded measures the conflict could be defused before becoming a significant problem and therefore the Panke can continue to operate without complaints.