Sisyphos Event GmbH is based at Hauptstraße 15 in 10317 Berlin. At the beginning of the event business, the location was characterised by an industrial environment. Due to the construction of new residential buildings at ever closer distance to the Sisyphos a conflict situation has naturally arisen over the last few years. Increasing complaints from residents about noise from the sound system during the operation of the open-air floor on the premises were the result. Concerts could almost no longer take place and club events could only be held within the framework of an exceptional permit. Economic operation with simultaneous consideration for the neighbourhood was not possible.

Within the framework of the funded measure on the beach floor of Sisyphos Event GmbH, the use of a directional sound system was chosen. This offers the possibility to focus sound emissions on the desired areas. In addition, the direction of the sound system was changed in order to further reduce immissions. For this purpose, a new stage area had to be created over an existing pond. The low-frequency sound reinforcement was integrated into this construction as a cardioid, horizontal line. In order to minimise emissions caused by reflections in the entire frequency range, the boundary surface, which is located in the rear area of the directional sound reinforcement, was covered with a sound absorber specially adapted to the building surface. 

The measure was largely implemented by the Berlin company Audiophil Berlin.