In order to reduce the sound emissions from the event hall of SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the direction of the inhabited front building, a sound lock was built in the area of the bar exit. The following photo shows the initial situation when the application was submitted.

Previously drinks were stored in the wooden shed. There was only one door. Noise was clearly audible in the backyard during events. There were occasional complaints from the neighbours. In front of the building, a clear voice intelligibility of the music performances was perceived at the height of the tenant windows and between 60 and 70 dB were measured in the low-frequency range between 40 and 100 HZ.

After the construction work, no more speech sounds can be heard and the low-frequency range is subordinate to the general street noise and is no longer perceptible. A survey we conducted among the neighbors also showed that the measure has brought a clear improvement in noise pollution for our neighborhood. The feedback from the neighbors was consistently positive.

The significant reduction of low-frequency emissions was achieved thanks to a complete uncoupling of the structure from the existing building. In this way, structure-borne sound (test: with ear against the wall) has been extremely reduced. Therefore, the elaborate construction work really paid off for the venue and secured its existence in the middle of the residential area for the future.