Club Tresor has been located at Köpenicker Str. 70 since 2007. Due to increased complaints and reports from neighboring residents, the operators have regularly participated in a round table with various stakeholders from the neighborhood since 2013. Over time, it became clear that the implementation of further noise protection measures for the club was necessary and an application was submitted to the Schallschutzfond in 2018.
The sound insulation measures on the Globus floor were implemented using a specifically developed absorption surface by the company Audiophil Berlin. Furthermore, the sound systems were realigned and focused on the desired areas. 
The integration of the modal sound absorbers, which were specially adapted to the space, presented the operators with challenges in terms of construction and aesthetics.

For the visual integration of the sound absorbers into the Globus, the architectural office UNDPLUS was involved in the planning and construction.
The reduction in pressure conditions at the boundary surfaces, on the stairways and the access areas / entrance area of the public, which is also recorded in a report, is clearly perceptible. The reduction in emissions, compared to the previous situation, is also felt in the Kraftwerkshalle adjacent to the Globus, which is used as an event location. 
The dance areas are now much more homogeneous and focussed due to the acoustic and sound insulation measures, as well as the realignment of the sound systems, and the audience can follow the artistic performance with a lower sound pressure level.