Since 2014, the club Yaam – Young African Art Market has been located in Friedrichshain at Schillingbrücke. Basses pushing out of the event hall are being amplified by the adjacent Spree River and could be heard by residents even at lower limited levels, which often led to complaints (from Stralauer Platz / Köpenicker Strasse). In autumn 2019, a hotel (Amano Group/ Süsskind Immobilien Holding) opened directly on the site boundary, six metres from the main music hall. A neighbourly letter of intent drawn up in advance was rejected by the hotel operator and the club was faced with a dispute that threatened its existence.

As part of the funding, the following measures were implemented at Club Yaam:

  • Renewal of the brickwork and plastering of the building wall facing the river Spree
  • Renewal of brickwork and plastering of the building wall facing the hotel
  • Sound insulation of the rear wall opposite the stage (bass trap)
  • Installation of soundproof doors on both affected sides of the building
  • Construction of mobile soundproofing elements that can be attached to ceilings and walls